Friday, June 20, 2014

Mahal Ko ang Pastor Ko

Even if my dad is a pastor, he would always tell me that being a pastor is NOT the highest and noblest calling or profession because the highest calling would be what God (uniquely) calls each to do, according to His purposes. Still and all, without forgetting that all Glory ought to be God’s, I believe our pastors-- especially our Senior Pastors, are worthy of our high esteem and respect.

A few months ago I stumbled on a blog about the 14 Things You Souldn't Say To Your Pastor. It was funny reading all of them as I can fully relate and agree, growing up as a pastor’s kid. I laughed the hardest at these items:
  • I wish I had a job like yours, where I would work only one day a week.
  • What do you do with all the free time you have?
  • I like your preaching, pastor, but I really like ____________________________ (fill in the blank with television or podcast preacher).
  • Your kids shouldn’t behave that way. After all, they are pastor’s kids.
  • Your low salary is good for you. It keeps you humble and dependent on the Lord.

If you think all a Pastor does is get on the pulpit every Sunday and preach a good message (and maybe even think “ang dali ng trabaho niya, once-a-week lang! And then he gets paid!”), you are dreadfully mistaken.

See if the church is healthy and growing. See if the affairs and operations of the church are done well. See if his family is strong. See if the pastor’s spiritual life is in good shape. See if the church is progressing. See if the faith of the people are thriving. See if the number of those being saved are exploding. See if disciples are increasing. See if leaders are multiplying. And then think again. For these cannot possibly happen by just preaching a good message every sunday.

Our Senior Pastors, more than being powerful preachers, are visionaries who are always looking ahead and making sure the church is going somewhere; pioneers and trailblazers who often take the first step of faith and take unchartered paths; planners who make sure the vision will be accomplished; overseers who check if things are being implemented well; managers who are concerned about running the local church; leaders who invest in people; fathers and mothers who have families to take care of; Christians who make sure their hearts and spirit are right with God (and the list goes on...). Salamat nalang through discipleship the burden and ease of the ministry is being shared by the Body of Christ. Still the same, our pastors deserve our deep respect and honor (uhm, maybe that’s why they’re called “Reverends”?). And even if we scratch the fact that I am as pastor's kid, I would still stand by these words.

And I say honor the man of God! Bless the man of God!

And by the way, if your pastor is receiving financial support from the church, remember that this is only as “thank you” gift and a way of blessing the man of God... But there is absolutely no way for a church congregation to “pay” a pastor with a “salary” or “wage”. Because what they do is PRICELESS. *wink*

I thank God for blessing us with a loving home church that loves, honors, and respects the shepherd and pastor God has graced His church with. Soli Deo Gloria!



(Disclaimer: I wrote this not because there’s an issue in our church concerning the members, leaders and our pastor (thank God at wala!). Nor did I write this as response to an issue in another church--- well, kung meron man, wala akong alam ha. Pero kung meron nga talaga sa church mo, hawaan mo nalang sila ng pag-ibig!)


Anonymous said...

This is Awesome! I am proud of my pastor and I love him dearly,(Ptr.Robert Masiclat)
He's like a real father to me, (literal na tatay :))
and totoo nga. .na there is no way para mabayaran mo yung effort ng Pastor,.they are the living Grace of God.:)
saludo at respeto sa mga Pastor at mgpa-Pastor! :)

Jez said...

Hello Anonymous1.
It was a joy reading your comment as I have truly felt your love and reverence for your Pastor. May you always support the man of God and shepherd He has blessed you and your church with! Mabuhay ang mga disciples na katulad mo :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!Go po Pastora Jez!Truly When You Love The Prophet of God,His Blessing Will be Upon You!
I Love You Pastora!