Saturday, March 21, 2015

Standards too high?

One of the reasons why I keep on writing is because I know I am not alone in the pursuit of a better story, or rather, the best possible story. And I salute all you young men and women who are not willing to settle for anything less than what you have hoped for and and less than what you know you are worth. Congrats for not being offended with remarks like "Masyadong mataas standards mo!" or "Tatanda ka nang dalaga nyan, hija!". Thank you for keeping the faith and fighting a good fight!

Although I don’t really keep a checklist of what I want for in a man and in courtship, I do have standards. Some are negotiable (e.g., appearance, race, talents, hobbies, sum of bank savings, food preference, nature of occupation/business, and the likes), but there are those that are strongly NOT (faith, values, morals, purpose). I also personally have set more practical guiding principles for dealing with the opposite sex.

We set standards so that (a) we would have a measure for evaluating and making choices, (b) so we would not be misled, (c) so we would have a mark ensuring we don’t cross lines nor shortchange ourselves, and (d) so we could identify what’s bad, good, and the best (go for the “best”, sweetheart!).

Not everybody would agree and appreciate the standards you set. Some would regard them as too old-fashioned, too conservative, too outdated, or too radical. Some might even criticize them as to prideful of you (in fairness, they shouldn’t really be out of arrogance but out of self-worth). But regardless of what other people might think, refuse to lower your standards and your expectations. No, never— not to please and attract a man; not to conform to society; not to keep up with your friends. I want to assure you: It is okay to have high standards… It is okay to be extra cautious… You never have to apologize for wanting to guard the purity of your heart, the honor of your self, and the glory of your Maker.

not a 1D fan, but I like this! :)
Never fear that because of the principles that you hold high, that cute guy in your class or office would not like you, would stop pursuing you, or would be interested in someone else— someone “easier” to woo, someone unguarded and willing to settle.

Darling, if they cannot recognize your worth, let them move and let them go. Someone out there would be willing to rise up to meet your high standards. Someone out there is looking and praying for exactly what you’ve got and what you stand for, and will never try to bargain your value or doubt your worth.

And oh, next time someone comments that your standards are too high, don’t feel sorry. Tell them, “Thank you” :)       *wink, wink*
Ate Jez
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