Friday, February 13, 2015

Afraid for love to fade? (In love ka ba talaga, o takot ka lang?)

"Kung mahal mo, ano pa'ng hihintay mo?"
This is cliché advice#1 that I have NEVER given to anyone over the past few years of teaching on Purity and God-honoring romance.
It's wonderful having someone who suddenly makes you feel alive, loved, and cared for. You may think no one has made you feel this way, and you can't help but to be dazzled at the strong feelings that are there. But the reality is that this feeling of urgency and intensity or strong affection toward another person is not necessarily a reliable indicator of true love and the right time.

"Kung kayo, kayo."
This is cliché advice#2 that I NEVER give to those who I encourage to wait. Why? Because while I  do believe in Biblical destiny, I also believe that putting romance on hold by waiting on God is NOT simply a matter of trusting in "fate". In other words, hindi ka "maghihintay" dahil lang passive ka at naniniwala ka na gagawa ang tadhana ng paraan para sa inyo. Babaw 'nun. It is MORE THAN that. When you wait, it is a matter of Godly obedience, trust, patience, and truth.

It makes me sad that many are jumping into romance even if it's clear to them that it's not yet the right time— not mainly because they are terribly, terribly in love,  but because if you open their hearts and minds, you'll see that  they are terribly, terribly afraid that the passion, excitement, and urgency that comes with their strong emotions would die away if not expressed immediately.
"There is no fear in love..." (1 John 4:18).
Here's my prayerful plea: Never hop on a relationship mainly because you are afraid for the feelings to fade if you wait. A Christian author once said, “One of the most powerful evidences of [genuine love] is its ability to overcome the limitations of time.” True, divine, sincere love is patient, and can stand the test of time. It does not diminish during the period of waiting; rather, it deepens and sweetens all the more when its time has come.

Do not let the waiting scare you into jumping to romance prematurely. Ladies (and gentlemen too), until the time is right, do not give your heart to someone just because you fear he might soon lose interest in you. If in the waiting process the feelings and passion grow cold and diminish, do not regret; be grateful... for time has revealed truth ('buti nalang!).

After all, what you and I really, really desire is TRUE LOVE, not some cheaper version of it, don't we? Then I recommend the time of waiting as a dependable test for true, sincere love. Don't follow your feelings and passion until they've been tested.
"Waiting for romance can be guided by wisdom. Then we can experience the season of courtship at the right time and the right pace with a clear purpose and a clear head. This is romance at it's best.” Joshua Harris
Considering romance? Give it time. Give it space. Do not fear. Trust. Wait. Hope. Obey.
"So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days."
(‭Genesis‬ ‭29‬:‭20‬)
Jez Manugue

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Renz Policarpio said...

"So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days."
(‭Genesis‬ ‭29‬:‭20‬)

ang dami ni-reveal ni Lord sa akin sa araw na 'to lalo na sa verse na 'to =')


Zion Remojo said...

Finally, you published it! And just at the right time! You made my job easier as a cell leader, when a disciple asks regarding this topic, I can just say... "Ah basta, basahin mo nalang ung blog ni Jez!" :-P Well said. But better yet, well done. *thumbs up*

Jez said...

Hello Renz / Enzo.
It's a joy to know that God has spoken to you through this short article. Blessings and grace as you continue to pursue the will of God, and model obedience to your disciples :)

Jez said...

Hi Karl Zion,
Thank you! Your positive remarks the first time I read this to you affirmed me that this must be a worthy-read for many young wo/men! Thank you!

Zion Remojo said...